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The Neighbours

24 Tennyson St Malvern East
David Sciola

David Sciola - Partner & Auctioneer

March 2020

As agents we love neighbours. Neighbours are great. They pad out the numbers at our inspections. They usually speak highly of the property and the street in front of the genuine buyers. They come and show their support on auction day.

Neighbours also become sellers, eventually.

A large proportion of our database comes from meeting neighbours at our open inspections and auctions.

Good agents keep in touch. Not by harassing or spamming or dropping flyers, but by building a genuine relationship slowly over time… By checking in once or twice a year with any relevant results or forthcoming listings in the street.

Most neighbours want to know what’s going on in the hood.

Who is the new owner of number 8? Did the renovation plans at number 17 get approved? How much did 22a sell for in the end? Is it going to be owner occupied or tenanted?

Whether you consider this sticky beaking or not – it’s human nature.

Ultimately, neighbours want to know what their place is worth.

And that’s where agents can help, and do help. In the hope that one day – two, five, or fifteen years from now – we’ll receive a call that it’s time to sell and have the opportunity to pitch for their business.

We know that if we’ve built that trust and rapport over many years, we are a shoe-in to list their home.

This is also why you’ll see a preferred agent in a particular street.

For example, I called the auction for 16 Findon Street, Malvern East on Saturday (Carla’s listing).

Jellis Craig have sold the last eight houses in Findon Street.

The neighbours have seen us get great results over many years.

They’ve seen the forthcoming auction boards and the signboards and the sold stickers.

They’ve attended the opens and auctions.

We have the track record, which means we are the first agents on the shopping list when an owner wants to sell.

(It certainly helps when the property sells under the hammer with three strong bidders in front of a large crowd, like on Saturday).

So if you’re a neighbour just having a sticky beak, remember you are always welcome at Jellis Craig!

And don’t be too cynical about us agents. We’re here to help.

If you don’t want to be contacted, just let us know and we’ll make sure you don’t get called or spammed with texts.

Jellis Craig Stonnington had a strong weekend with 11 out of 12 properties selling at auction.

Team Fetter/Sciola sold three out of three under the hammer with a total of 10 bidders.

We continue to be pleasantly surprised with prices now evidently on the rise.

We are consistently seeing more competition than expected at our auctions, which is a clear sign of growing confidence in the market.

Good luck to those buying or selling this Super Saturday!

Time is running out to secure a sale in 2023.

Feature property:24 Tennyson Street, Malvern East

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