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Discover how your suburb compares with local property data made easy in our Jellis Craig Suburb Reports. Find out about sales data, market trends, rental yields and much more from over 350 suburbs across the Jellis Craig footprint.


Buying a property can be daunting if you are not sure what to expect. Our guide to some of the most commonly asked questions will help you prepare for this exciting experience.

  • What is a contract of sale?

  • What does settlement mean?

  • Do I need a deposit?

  • What else will I need to pay?

  • What is an EOI? 

  • What is a Private Sale?

  • What is an auction?

  • What are vendor and dummy bids?

  • What is the reserve price?

  • Can I put in an offer before auction?

  • What does ‘passed in’ mean?

  • What happens if my bid is successful?

At Jellis Craig, our experts are always available to answer any other questions you may have to ensure your buying experience is seamless, easy and enjoyable. We look forward to helping you secure your next property.