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How to make your bedroom calm and comforting

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Teleisha Thomas

Teleisha Thomas

May 2024

Interior Decorator, Alessandra of Alessandra Smith Design is an emerging interior decorator in Melbourne, focused on the curation of furniture, lighting, art and objects in high-end residential projects.

We visited Alessandra at Elwood Residence, a recently completed project in Melbourne’s bayside with thoughtful, layered interiors that are both timeless and soulful. Here, Alessandra takes us through how to make a bedroom calm and comforting this winter.

Alessandra Smith Elwood smg 1928

Thoughtful interior decoration will set the scene for a truly tranquil and comforting bedroom.


Colour is often overlooked as an interior feature in a bedroom, but it presents so many opportunities to bring a space to life. Colour can be highlighted through bedding, curtains, artworks or even wall colour. In the primary bedroom of Elwood Residence, we’ve chosen a soothing grey/blue colour on the walls which is then picked up in the artworks and bedding.

Materiality and texture

To really appreciate the different textures in a room, I recommend mixing fabrics and textures. In the bedroom, we have used luxurious sateen bedding, a woollen throw, velvet cushions and linen curtains. It’s this mix of textures that helps to create interest and amp up those cosy feelings.

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Warm lighting

Overhead lighting is rarely needed in a bedroom, so I recommend switching off the overheads and turning on the lamps. Ensure the bulbs emit a soft, warm glow and consider whether you want the lamp to provide ambience or whether you need directional lighting if you read in bed.


Layering with personal objects addsa beautiful additional dimension to any space. Meaningful spaces are made this way through the use of artworks, objects collected on travels, hand-made ceramics, candles, books and more. There is nothing more special than a space that resonates with each homeowner, reflecting their lives, experiences, and tastes.

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Alessandra Smith Design offers interior decorating for residential projects, encompassing home or colour consultations, art and object curation, or a full design service. If you would like to speak to Alessandra about your next design project, visit her website to book a consult.


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