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Taking a proactive approach to spring-time maintenance

Felicity Allen

Felicity Allen

September 2019
Spring Has Finally Arrived And With It Comes Warmer Days And Rapidly Flourishing Gardens

Spring has finally arrived and with it comes warmer days and rapidly flourishing gardens.

Now is the ideal time to trim back trees and make sure that roofs are sound and firmly fixed in place.

Any cooling systems should be professionally inspected and maintained to extend the life of the equipment and to guarantee safe operation for your tenants. Investing in efficient cooling also adds to the perceived value of your investment with many tenants rating a cooled home environment high on their list of must-haves.

Spring maintenance list

- Cut all dead and dangerous tree branches back
- Check and clear gutters of fresh debris
- Ensure that corrugated steel and plastic roofs are firmly secured
- Schedule maintenance for air-conditioners and evaporative coolers

With a single phone call, our expert property management team can arrange for any of these tasks to be completed on your behalf quickly and correctly by qualified tradespeople.

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