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​ Sophie Lyon announced as partner, Jellis Craig Boroondara

Teleisha Thomas

Teleisha Thomas

February 2017
Sophie Lyon

Industry leader, REIV Board member and general manager of Jellis Craig Boroondara Property Management, Sophie Lyon, is now a partner in the business.

Jellis Craig Boroondara is one of the few progressive real estate businesses inviting more female partners to the company – the industry more typically offers sales-focused males into partnership. Sophie’s new status reflects her strategic business experience and more than 27 years in the property management industry.

As partner, Sophie is well placed to position Jellis Craig Boroondara as the leading provider of property management services in Melbourne’s inner east.

“Investing in the business as a partner and shareholder represents an important step for me,” says Sophie, who has been at Jellis Craig Boroondara for 12 months and manages a property management team of more than 30 professionals.

“I value the opportunity to contribute directly to the success of the company through innovative, client-focused strategies and approaches that deliver first class outcomes and a superior property management experience.”

“This investment is a clear demonstration of my long-term commitment to Jellis Craig, and my respect for the way we do business.”

Sophie’s unrivalled property management expertise complements the skill set of other Jellis Craig Boroondara partners. Together, this team leads from the front in providing outstanding real estate services and results to clients throughout Boroondara and beyond.

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