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October 02, 2018

Smoke Detectors – Protecting your investment and your tenants

Smoke Alarms

Under Victorian Legislation, it is the Landlords responsibility to provide and maintain working smoke alarms, inspecting and testing them annually. However, ensuring that your investment property and tenants are appropriately protected is not as simple as pressing the “test” button on your smoke alarms.

A professional smoke alarm inspector will:

  • Test the three main elements of the alarm; a smoke detection mechanism to be tested with artificial smoke, a sounding alarm to pass a decibel test and a battery power source to have the batteries replaced
  • Ensure that there is the correct number of smoke alarms in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and compliance with the Australian Standards
  • Ensure the alarms have been specifically positioned to maximise early warning signs in the event of smoke or fire
  • Provide a thorough cleaning of the alarm and surrounding area
  • Replace any faulty or expired smoke alarms with new and approved smoke alarms
  • Issue a report detailing that the property is compliant to be kept for your records

Engaging a professional smoke alarm inspector to carry out a comprehensive smoke detector service will ensure that both your investment and your tenants are appropriately protected in the event of fire.

If you are not already using a professional smoke alarm maintenance service, please contact Jellis Craig and we will be happy to organise this service for you. 

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