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September Market Update

Felicity Allen

Felicity Allen

September 2019

Welcome to the September update. A great deal has happened in the last month.  

The market continues to build very rapid momentum. Interest rate changes, buyer confidence in banks and a slight increase in new listings are the reasons why buyers are returning to opens in very large numbers: it has been common to see 6 times the number of groups we were seeing through one open only 2 months ago. 

With the increase in buyers, we are also seeing a significant increase in competitive bidding at auctions. Over the past 2-3 weeks, the average number of bidders at our auctions has doubled, showing us that there is a big discrepancy between supply and market demand.

Low stock levels are one of the key reasons why we are witnessing this sort of strength in such a short time frame. Stock levels don’t appear to be increasing to accommodate the market demand, so we expect Spring sellers to secure the rewards of very competitive buyer interest.

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