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Make sure your investment property is safe this winter

Christian Marotta

Christian Marotta

June 2016

The beginning of winter is the perfect time to perform a health check on your property, ensuring that it is safe for your tenants. 

Organise a professional to safely climb on to your roof and clean your gutters.
With autumn just gone, there will be substantial leaf litter in all gutters, drains and down pipes. 

If your gutters overflow, rain can enter your roof space, causing damage to plaster, paint, light fittings and electrical wiring.

With the onset of cold weather, your tenants are sure to be using the heating. Carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty gas heater can cause death. 

It is crucial that you employ a Plumbing Industry Commission approved tester to check carbon monoxide levels in your property. 

While the plumber is there, ask them also to inspect the following for you:

• Gas lines and connections to see if there are leaks.
• Flue and terminals to check for blockages or fire hazards.
• Pilot light, ensuring that it is clean and safe.
• Thermostat, wiring and switches for any damage or wear.
• Return air vents and fan motor for a build-up of silt and dust.

At any time of the year, smoke detector maintenance is a landlord’s priority. Once a year you must remove the old batteries and replace them with brand new ones. Test the alarm once complete to make sure that everything is working correctly. 

Smoke detectors have a limited lifespan, so every 10 years you must install new ones to ensure the safety of your tenants and to protect your property.

The Jellis Craig property management team can organise regular, scheduled servicing of your smoke detectors, gas heaters and guttering on your behalf. Qualified professionals will then attend your property and safely complete these tasks for you.

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