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In Residence with Chauntel Considine

Felicity Allen

Felicity Allen

April 2021

With Chauntel Considine from Jellis Craig Essendon

Chauntel Considine was born into Real Estate. For her entire life, Chauntel’s parents dominated the Strathmore property market with their business. Despite studying HR at University, Chauntel eventually found her way into the Considine Real Estate, where she learnt the ropes working alongside her father. Since then, the business has evolved into Jellis Craig Essendon, with Chauntel now leading the charge as one of the Directors. Chauntel balances her passion for the job with keeping her household running – no easy feat with 2 kids under the age of 4!

Jellis Craig: What was your childhood like?

CC: From a young age, I recall sitting around the dinner table and property being a main topic of conversation. Remember this was the 1980s – the absence of mobile phones meant quite often we’d be fielding calls right as mum was putting dinner on the table. As a small business owner, dad remained incredibly committed. This inevitably meant a long hours and limited availability, which is why we prioritised annual family holidays to Queensland and made sure he scheduled his auctions around our tennis tournaments. Strathmore had an incredible amount to offer, and between my younger sister and I, we’ve kept so many fond memories of the parklands and local community feel.

JC: You grew up around real estate, with your father Patrick having worked in the industry for over 40 years. Did you always know you wanted to follow in his footsteps?

CC: I got an up-close look at the pros and cons of a life in real estate from a very early age. I had initially done everything in my power to avoid it. Out of high school, I pursued a Bachelor of Business, majoring in HR as I had a natural passion towards people and culture. It wasn’t until I had a brief trip to Europe, that upon my return I realised I had racked up a hefty credit card bill that I needed to chip away at. Sales suddenly became very attractive. I’d always done bits and pieces at the office but decided to eventually work towards the appropriate accreditation, and the rest is history! Shadowing my father early taught me an old school approach – take your time with clients, the importance of face-to-face interactions can’t be overstated, trust and rapport must be built, and deliver what you say you will. All characteristics that’ll stay with me forever.

JC: Essendon is your home base. Apart from proximity to the city and the beautiful heritage homes in the area, what else do you like about it?

CC: Certainly not the footy club! I’m an ardent Western Bulldogs fan. Locals are spoilt for choice; great cafes and restaurants, many and varied shopping strips such as Woodland Street, Napier Street, and Rose Street, which feature so many quirky boutiques, and an abundance of parks and recreational facilities that all culminates in an enthralling community spirit. The attraction crosses generations and pulls people in from all walks of life – from professionals to singles to families with young kids. The dwellings also hold a distinct and appealing charm – beautiful period homes, as well as modern and French Provincial inspired, on large blocks with single dwelling covenants.

Another contributing factor to the area is the myriad of education options on offer, both in primary and secondary – with some of the best public and private schools available at your doorstep.

JC:You’re also an Auctioneer in the area. Tell us about that.

CC: Taking the client through the selling journey from appraisal to auction to sale is enormously appealing. Building the relationship, listing the property, working with buyers, and then selling at auction. It was what motivated me to become an Auctioneer. I’d love to think that my example will help set a pathway for more women to become Auctioneers.

JC: If you were not in real estate, what would you be doing?

CC: Career wise I could not imagine anything else. I love it too much. However, should it all one day come to a crashing halt, I’d then rebalance my life to spend more time with my husband and my 2 beautiful children.

JC: What was your first real estate purchase, and have you made any subsequent purchases?

CC: My first real estate purchase was a single fronted federation-style home, in the aptly named Federation Street, Ascot Vale. I lived with my partner in the original property before doing the grown-up thing, and renovating, getting married, and then raising our 2 children there. We’ve since made other investment purchases.

JC: What is your life like outside of work?

CC: Trying to maximise my quality time with my supportive husband, Nick, and our son Henry (4 years) and daughter Lila (2 years). Between the exhaustion of work, and the exhaustion of being a mum – that is plenty to keep me busy!

JC: What else do you do as a family?

CC: We love heading down to the beach house on the Bellarine Peninsula as it’s such a wonderful way to switch off from everything. We’ve also got a tight family network on both sides of the family and love to stay close and connected, especially with the kids as they adore their cousins. We do the main things every young family does – the local parks and playgrounds are our best friend, but we’re also in the midst of our kids learning those important life skills like swimming. We do yearn for a time when travel opens back up and we can explore the world again.

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