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How to maximise small spaces

Teleisha Thomas

Teleisha Thomas

June 2024
Alessandra Smith Elwood smg 1947

Decorating small rooms can be challenging however just because space may be limited, doesn’t mean your style has to be. Here, Alessandra takes us through her tips for packing a punch and making the most out of a small space.

Alessandra Smith of Alessandra Smith Design is an emerging interior decorator in Melbourne, focused on the curation of furniture, lighting, art and objects in high-end residential projects. We visited Alessandra at Elwood Residence, a recently completed project in Melbourne’s bayside with thoughtful, layered interiors that are both timeless and soulful.

Scale and proportion

Scale and proportion are especially important in a small space. This narrow room originally had an L-Shaped sofa which blocked off the space and made it difficult to navigate. By swapping this out for an armless two-seater sofa bed and an armless lounge chair, the room now feels much more open and functional. If you’re working with a small space, I recommend drawing out a floorplan with proposed furniture pieces so you have a birds eye view of the space and can more easily identify if there are going to be any issues moving through the room.

Use of colour

Just because a room is small, doesn’t mean you should paint it white to try and make it appear larger. In fact, I recommend doing the complete opposite and going dark! Small rooms are naturally cosy, and the best way to lean into this is to go bold with colour and extend that colour onto the ceiling. Colour drenching is a great way to make a dramatic impact in a space and in a small room like this, it creates a cocooning effect that further enhances that cosy feeling.

Dual purpose pieces

When space is limited, it’s important to try and get the most out of each piece. Look for furniture that can serve multiple purposes and that can be easily moved around. In this space, the sofa doubles as a sofa bed and this robust side table can then double as a bed-side table.

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Alessandra Smith Design offers interior decorating for residential projects, encompassing home or colour consultations, art and object curation, or a full design service. If you would like to speak to Alessandra about your next design project, visit her website to book a consult.

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