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How to make your bedroom cosy

Teleisha Thomas

Teleisha Thomas

June 2023

Interior designer Zoe Murphy from Zoe Murphy Creative Office is a force for colour, art and unique design. Some of the most outstanding homes that we see at Jellis Craig are often those anchored deeply in individuality, and in no home is this more apparent than Interior Designer Zoe Murphy’s stunning (and recently sold by Jellis Craig Armadale) heritage Toorak home.

We visited Zoe in her home to discuss her tips on how to make your bedroom cosy.


A calm and cosy room starts with the colour you paint your walls and ceiling. I always opt for darker, moody colours as opposed to white or light colours. Dark moody blue and green greys are a luxurious way to create a calming atmosphere.

Just like the rest of the home, layers of lighting are essential in the bedroom. Try to avoid too many overhead lights and rather keep light directional for tasked areas such as over drawers and cupboards. Wall lights are also a great choice for beside the bed for reading, as they free up space on your side tables to allow for candles and books.

Onto soft furnishings and I always opt for a luscious floor-to-ceiling curtain in a dark colour which will create softness and cosiness. In my master bedroom I’ve chosen a dark, green opaque linen which blocks out light and the length is designed to pool on the floor – adding to the luxury mood of the room. In terms of carpet, a high pile, soft, furry carpet is very inviting. I love the transition from floorboards throughout the rest of the home to high pile carpet in the bedrooms – it makes for the perfect transition from living space to sleeping space.

A hero art piece that is tranquil and soft can have a calming effect within the space.

Finally, dressing your bed in warm linen matching sheets with a couple of sculptural cushions is a lovely way to finish off the room.

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Zoe Murphy Creative Office offers interior design and styling for residential and commercial projects. If you would like to speak to Zoe about your next design project, visit her website to book a consult.

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