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Buying via Private Sale

Danielle Reynolds

Danielle Reynolds

January 2021

If you are interested in purchasing a property that is advertised for private sale, please speak with the agent about the process for that specific property. If you are making an offer on a property, the agent will be able to guide you through the following processes;

  1. Making an offer on the property
  2. The offer must be in writing, on a contract of sale
  3. The agent will then take your offer to the vendor (unless instructed otherwise by the vendor).

In a private sale, you may negotiate with the vendor if you require the sale to be subject to certain conditions such as:

  • Finance
  • Successful completion of a building or pest inspection

If you are successful in negotiating these conditions, they must be stipulated on the contract of sale.

If you are successful in the purchase of the property, the contract of sale must be countersigned, and you must pay the deposit.

A private sale is subject to a cooling off period of 3 business days from the date that you sign the contract (not the date it is signed by the vendor).

For further details or any questions on the property you are intending on making an offer on, please speak with the managing agent.

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