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Business of design: Zenn Design

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Teleisha Thomas

Teleisha Thomas

May 2024

Renowned for producing some of the most considered, high-quality furniture in Australia, Zenn Design work with Melbourne’s most fashionable home enthusiasts. Zenn Design offers full customisation, ensuring that each piece of furniture is tailored to each customer.

We sat down with Founder Hannah Goldberg to learn more about the custom furniture business and how they seamlessly blend minimalistic forms with contemporary design elements.

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Why did you start Zenn Design and what is your vision for the business?

I started Zenn Design 4 years ago. I noticed a gap in the market for locally-made, high quality, sustainable custom furniture, and thus Zenn Design was born.

The journey to launching Zenn Design was one that evolved quite organically. Starting out as more of a passion and hobby back in March 2020 (aka, pandemic era), I created Zenn Design to fill the gap for well priced, high quality Australian made custom furniture, with fast lead times. Fast forward, and it’s developed into so much more than what we could have ever imagined. It’s been a big couple of years, and we’ve grown quite quickly (which has been really humbling).

What are the typical goals your clients are trying to achieve?

An elevated, highly crafted timeless look which is on trend now and will stand the test of fashion cycles. Every client wants something bespoke that resonates with their personality.

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Talk us through Zenn Design’s creative process, from client enquiry to delivery including inspiration and material sourcing.

It depends on the piece required and if it's a 100% custom design or an existing design with minimal customisation. If custom - we take the brief from our client, either by imagery, sketch or drawing inspo. We then take it to our in-house design team and have it drawn up in line with our machinery. We send these drawings to the customer and quote. If approved, we then proceed to final fabric selections, final quote stage and then manufacturing. As we are made in Melbourne, our fabrication lead times are great and the process only takes 4-6 weeks.

An elevated, highly crafted timeless look which is on trend now and will stand the test of fashion cycles.

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How has the demand for custom furniture grown over the years?

The demand for custom furniture has steadily increased over the years due to various factors such as changing lifestyles, preferences for personalised designs, and the desire for high-quality, durable pieces. We started in COVID during a period where most were spending time at home. We spend so much of our time at home, let’s make it as amazing as we can possibly afford!

Where do you find your design inspiration?

My inspiration comes from a variety of sources, from worldly designs to my everyday surroundings. Whether it's scrolling through Instagram, taking a walk along the beach, or shopping at the grocery store, I find inspiration in all aspects of life. I’m also inspired by the pared-back Australian lifestyle. I love to travel and had the pleasure of attending Milan Design Week last year which was such a major source of inspiration. My main goal has always been to create enduring, sustainable and locally-made furniture that will surpass trends and anchor the mood of a space.

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Zenn Design has created spaces for an impressive list of influential Melburnians. Can you tell us about a favourite project or one that pushed your creative boundaries?

Yes this would have to be for Bec Judd! Bec had a very strong idea on what she wanted her new bed to look and feel like. We love these types of projects and clients who just want to push their individual design aesthetic and make a really stunning piece for their home.
My team worked hard to ensure this piece was different to anything else currently available and was to the highest possible craftsmanship. Bec was thrilled which makes it so worthwhile.

Can you share any upcoming plans for Zenn Design? Are there any new product lines or collaborations on the horizon?

Here’s an exclusive… We will be launching a new dining stool line to complement our best selling Archie Stools. We are currently looking at a second showroom location. We also have some really incredible collaborations coming up and an exciting luxe giveaway with a big skincare brand who we are obsessed with!

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5 minutes with Hannah Goldberg

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Tell us about your signature style.

An embodiment of minimalist luxury and understated elegance. It reflects a refined simplicity that speaks volumes through its subtlety and sophistication.

Favourite materials to work with?

Anything overly textured. I’m loving the incredible textured fabrics by S. Harris found at The Textile Company. I have a huge appreciation for handwoven textiles - a fabric house in Paris called Misia has been handweaving stunning textiles for decades.

Favourite hidden gem stores in Melbourne for home decor?

Pepite - I always find unique pieces.

Jan Vogelpoel Ceramics for stunning designs.

I'm a big fan of both Design Stuff and Country Road Home for their timeless elegance.

What is one skill you want to master?

Prioritising my day off!

What is your favourite room at home and why?

It has to be my Master bedroom. I've recently refreshed it and it's so lovely. I have custom Zenn Design pieces, creating a very zen atmosphere (no pun intended!). The gentle, wind-down lighting is perfect for relaxing after a long day. Plus, it offers breathtaking sunset views.

650 Glenhuntly Road, Caulfield South, Victoria

Zenn Design welcomes you to their showroom by appointment.

[email protected]

(03) 9212 0222

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