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Behind The Build: A resort-style family home

48 Westgate 016
Teleisha Thomas

Teleisha Thomas

March 2023

We sat down with Koray Kolege, the owner-builder behind 48 Westgate Street, Pascoe Vale South, a recently renovated resort-style family home to talk about the inspiration for the home, the design process and what is on the horizon for his building business, RUBKIS CUBED.

This home is ‘Project Four’ for your RUBIKS CUBED business. Tell us about RUBIKS CUBED.

I had always been involved in developments and building, but the first foray for Rubiks Cubed was when we purchased a block of land but couldn’t find anyone to do the build. Despite being a lawyer by trade, I decided to roll up my sleeves and get the job done myself. That was really the triggering step to starting our building business RUBIKS CUBED. 

We specialise in family homes. This was where we started so this is what our business is all about – building quality homes for families to live in long-term. We are always trying to push the boundaries with each project and our focus is always about improving the lifestyles of each homes’ occupants. 

COVID had a major impact on the types of homes people wanted. We’ve seen those shifts first-hand where our clients really want to be immersed in their homes so that when things change (as we know they can), people know they have a safe and expansive space around them.

Tell us about your design process for 48 Westgate Street. Where did you start and what was the vision?

We purchased the land with an existing house on the block in late 2021. The first point of call when we build is always to think about the family that will be living in the home for the next 10 to 15 years. The existing house didn’t have any special heritage features and wasn’t going to be the right size or fit for the family we were building for, so we knocked down and basically started with a blank canvas.

First, we start with the necessities. We consider the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas that will suit the family that we see living in the space and at each step of the way we consider how we can achieve these necessities.

From this point on we ask the question – how can we elevate this to a home that we can be proud of and that will be suitable for years to come?

So now we have the framework of the house, then we move to working from the outside in, considering at each point the proportions of the house from the front façade all the way inwards.

For this project we collaborated with BuildHer Collective on the interiors of the home and we really feel that the results speak for themselves.

Relaxed, Fun, Elegant.

What are three words you would use to describe the home?

48 Westgate 012
48 Westgate 016

The arches surrounding the façade and alfresco area are stunning. What was the design inspiration?

The existing property had two established loquat trees at the rear of the property. Seeing those trees took me back to my childhood as my grandfather had a loquat tree in his backyard and as soon as I saw those trees, I knew they had to stay. Loquats have a very Mediterranean feel so that had us thinking about where else we could tie this feeling in a modern, Melbourne way, and this is where we were inspired to incorporate arches. 

We really feel the arches and timber structures are not only a nod to the soft aesthetic, but they’re also functional in that they zone the areas well – they have a very considered impact.

48 Westgate 017

Which is your favourite room in the house and why?

The main living area is my favourite room of the house and there are two reasons for this. I try to ensure that in the houses we build, the living, family and dining areas are all quite close to one another. Family time together is very important in my own life, so this is usually reflected in the houses we build. The living area is always the place where the family conjugates which is what I love about it. The other reason I love this space is that there is lots of melding of the indoor and outdoor spaces – through greenery, or the reflection of the pool onto the glass.


Tell us about the beautiful selection of stone, tile, and timber throughout. What made you drawn to those materials?

It was key that all of the elements tied in together and created a wonderful feeling of warmth throughout the space. BuildHer Collective were instrumental in bringing some of our ideas to life when it came to the selection of finishes and all the details were  so considered down to the finest detail. We’re really happy with the end result where everything from the blinds, tiles, and walls all tells a cohesive and warm story.

What’s next for Rubik’s Cube? What does ‘Project Five’ look like?

We’re pretty unique in the fact that we work on projects that are right for us. We have a few ideas, but we don’t have anything locked down yet for Project Five, rather it is only when we find the right canvas and we have a strong vision then we will move forward with our next build.

We’d love to do something down bayside way, definitely a family home and I’m sure we will push the boundaries in some way!

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48 Westgate Street, Pascoe Vale South is on the market with Jellis Craig Inner North.

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