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Bathroom Trends

Teleisha Thomas

Teleisha Thomas

October 2022
Bathroom Trends
For spaces that are used every day, sometimes bathrooms get the short straw when it comes to interior design. 
This shouldn’t be the case. A bathroom done well can elevate an entire home and will deliver the homeowner with a sanctuary that fills both functional and aesthetic needs.

Here, we’re looking at bathroom trends that are proving more and more popular in 2022 and beyond. If you’re searching for a bathroom with timeless appeal, these are some of our favourite ways to elevate the space in your home.

Natural Surfaces

Whilst tiles continue to be one of the most popular surfaces in a bathroom, there has been an increase in usage of natural materials and an emphasis on serene, smooth surfaces and understated, organic materials. This trend is realised through monochromatic stone, matte finishes and light oak-wood surfaces. Finishes and textures that create dimension, depth and intrigue are emerging to create a little more drama without compromising on harmony.

Spa Spaces

The most luxurious bathrooms are not just what you would find in a luxury hotel or day spa, more and more, this sanctuary style of bathroom is coming into our own homes. Creating a spa-like home that can offer peace, relaxation and respite from the chaotic world outside is increasingly popular. Whether that luxurious, spa-like mood comes through a large, free-standing bath in the center of the space or a walk-in shower, the bathroom has all the potential to serve as your own home day spa or haven-like escape.


Biophilia is defined as the innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings. Biophilic design is emerging as a trend in multiple rooms in 2022, including most notably in the bathroom. The concept is centered around our human connection to nature and effectively ‘bringing the outdoors in’ through greenery within the space or an outlook to greenery and nature. Adding greenery to the space through plants can be an inexpensive, aesthetically pleasing take on the trend, whilst plants will also add purification and can simultaneously fight bacteria.

In perhaps the most obvious take on the trend, consider an indoor/outdoor bathroom – the ultimate in luxury.

Warm and earthy tones

We’re seeing a resurgence of warmer colour palettes and a shift away from cool greys and whites back to creams, beiges and nudes. The perfect antidote to cold and clinical, natural pigments amp up the warmth and comfort in your bathroom. Look for shades such as terracotta, rust, caramel and biscuit in surfaces, and contrast against untreated timber and black fixtures.

Curves continue

Curved lines – favoured in kitchens and furniture for a few years now – are becoming increasingly present in our bathrooms. Curves can be seen in architecture, such as through doorways, windows, arched ceilings, and the shape is also showing up in patterns, fabrics and tile designs. The shape feels warm and soft – particularly important after recent years.

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