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Mel Rose

Senior Property Manager

About Mel

Vibrant, energetic and dedicated to the highest standards of customer service, Mel Rose approaches every day with a positive and helpful attitude.

With a significant number of industry awards to her name, Mel shines as an efficient and caring property manager who understands the challenges and needs of both renters and rental providers.

"Communicating with clarity and transparency builds trust and rapport, which is so important in property management," says Mel. "I am entrusted with the management of my clients' biggest asset, and I treat it as if it were my own."

A keen eye for detail and exceptional organisational skills ensure Mel's clients receive prompt responses and actionable advice.

Being proactive and finding solutions to problems are front and centre in Mel's day-to-day role. She applies more than a decade of knowledge and experience to her 'to do' list and confidently negotiates all aspects of the leasing process. As a local resident and contributor to the community, Mel has a deep understanding of rental market trends and movements in supply and demand.

"Keeping my clients up to date, and addressing issues as soon as they arise, is central to my professional approach. I am part of a brilliant team, and we all strive to work together to ensure our renters and rental providers enjoy a smooth and stress-free leasing experience.".

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