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Lachlain Ramsay

Partner, Head of Property Management

A little about me

Lachlain Ramsay's award-winning career in property management started with passion and honest communication – and continues to grow on these solid foundations today.

As head of property management at Jellis Craig Ballarat, Lachlain is driven to lead the region in exceptional service. He supports a team of skilled professionals to deliver value-adding property management strategies to a large client base across Ballarat and surrounds.

"I believe my enthusiasm and transparent honesty set me apart. The longevity in my career is built on my continual hunger to be a better property manager," he says.

Lachlain's client focus saw him promoted to head of property management at just 22 years of age. His proactive leadership quickly resulted in impressive business growth and multiple industry awards.

Property owners can trust Jellis Craig Ballarat to put their investment first. Lachlain oversees strict processes for renter selection, routine inspections and conflict resolution.

"We never put a renter into a property that we do not trust to care for it. Our standards are high and our clients benefit," he explains.

Clients also value Lachlain's positive, supportive approach.

"I am open and concise but I focus on solutions. Property owners and renters appreciate that because we get to the answer quickly," he says.

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