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Jia Lee’s broad experience in the real estate industry has equipped her with enviable skills in client acquisition, negotiation and leasing strategy. She holds a Bachelor of Marketing and brings a solid business mindset to every leasing opportunity.

“As an investor myself, my focus is on fetching the highest ROI possible. I think outside the box to make informed recommendations on pricing and advertising to secure the most suitable renters for every property,” Jia says.

Always proactive, Jia stays on top of all maintenance issues. Owners rely on Jia to expertly handle any issues or challenges that may arise. Regular inspections ensure every lease runs smoothly.

Jia’s multilingual proficiency ensures communication is never lost in translation. Both local and international investors find great value in her knowledge of the latest tenancy legislation and rental market conditions across Port Phillip.

“With more than 150 properties under my care, I speak to many owners, renters, and contractors every day. Besides being genuine and thorough with my communication, I’m a person who never stops learning.”

Jia's many client referrals and recommendations are evidence of the high level of service and genuine care she provides.

"I take the time to listen to my clients. I always go out of my way to assist and ensure my owners and renters are receiving the best service possible."

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