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Lifelong Whitehorse residents, Christine, Charles and Jasper have an intrinsic understanding of the area and have built valuable long-term relationships with clients. With their valuable insights, they have forged an outstanding track record of success. Together as a dynamic sales team at Jellis Craig Whitehorse, Christine, Charles and Jasper take pride in their exemplary client service and attention to detail throughout all of their campaigns.

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Born in Shanghai, China, Charles has the added advantage of being able to speak Mandarin and understand the Shanghai dialect - a skill so valuable in today's market. Charles uses his contacts and experience to bring a broad cross-section of potential buyers into focus.

“My clients always come first – working with a team allows me to really focus on my clients’ experience. Repeat and continued referrals are a true indication and reward for being a leader in the real estate industry,” says Christine, who has built a strong reputation based on her unwavering enthusiasm and her professional results-focused approach.

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