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Median Sale Price InfoThere is not enough data to calculate
a median sale price for Newham


Riddells Creek $1,015,000

Riddells Creek $1,015,000

Woodend $947,500

Woodend $947,500

Kyneton $905,000

Kyneton $905,000

Trentham $857,500

Trentham $857,500

Romsey $815,000

Romsey $815,000

Malmsbury $810,000

Malmsbury $810,000

Sales Snapshot

Sale Method Info* Updated daily for the past 12 months

Average Hold Period Info* Updated quarterly for the past 12 months

10.7 years


Dwelling Type Info* 2016 Australian Census

Houses 100%    Units 0%

Population Info* 2016 Australian Census


Population Growth Info* 2016 Australian Census


Median Age Info* 2016 Australian Census

48 years

Ownership Info* 2016 Australian Census

Owned Outright 49%    Mortgaged 49%    Rented 2%

Median Asking Rent per week Info* Updated quarterly for
the past 12 months


Rental Yield Info* Updated quarterly
for the past 12 months


Median Household Size Info* 2016 Australian Census

2.4 people

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