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Considering the sale of your investment property?

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Discover the current market value of your investment with a property appraisal.

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A rental property is a valuable asset and like all other forms of investment, it is prudent to periodically review financial performance.

With the prevailing economic conditions, we are seeing more of our property management clients assessing their options. Investment property sales are on the rise, fuelled by the strong results we are currently achieving, on the back of very low stock levels and strong buyer competition.

Considering the sale of your investment property?

There is a process involved in selling any property and you should assume a minimum five-week period from signing with an Agent to auction day:

  • Preparation ~2 weeks: photography, floorplan, copy and staging
  • Open for inspections ~3 weeks
  • Auction / Close of Private Sale Campaign

It is generally advantageous to sell a property vacant. If you are considering selling, it is important that you do not re-lease your property for a fixed term period. Ensure you speak to us as soon as possible as every situation is different.

Vacating the renters

When it comes to requesting your renter to vacate in order to sell a property, it is crucial to consider the lease term, whether it is a fixed-term lease or a periodic tenancy.

Our agents understand the importance of providing appropriate recommendations based on your unique circumstances. Generally, a 60-day notice prior to the lease expiry is required.

We will work with you to navigate the process smoothly, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and fostering a positive experience for all parties involved.

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Selling with renters

A ‘Notice of Intention to Sell’ must be issued at least 14 days before holding a sales inspection.

Once a ‘Notice of Intention to Sell’ is issued, and irrespective of the lease term, a renter may vacate the property on 14 days notice.

The Agent on behalf of the rental provider must give at least 48 hours’ notice of an inspection.

There are limits on the timing and frequency of inspections and laws also require that a small amount is reimbursed to the renter.

Why choose Jellis Craig to manage your investment?

Private investors, property owners and developers rely on Jellis Craig’s team of committed property experts to manage their investments, nurture capital growth and maximise returns. Our experienced Property Managers have an expert knowledge of Melbourne’s rental market, the process of advertising your property, selecting the right renter, maintaining your investment and making the process of leasing your property stress free.

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Request a property appraisal

Knowing the true worth of your property is valuable information. Our experienced local area property specialists can provide you with a comprehensive property appraisal so you can discover the hidden potential of your biggest asset.

Whether you are thinking of the next move or just want to consider your options, a property appraisal is the first step towards your future.

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