Buyer demand remains robust, fuelled by a potent mix of population growth, the moderation of interest rate rises and Kingston's enduring appeal as a highly desirable place to live.

Premium properties in prime locations continue to attract affluent buyers seeking luxury and exclusivity. Quality mid-range family homes remain popular with a broad audience, with a noticeable shift in interest towards outdoor living that favours properties with spacious backyards, al fresco entertaining areas and swimming pools.

The rise of remote work is driving demand for dedicated home offices, which is reflected in both new constructions and renovations. Homeowners are adapting their spaces or seeking properties with modern design features that cater to these evolving work-from-home needs.

Vendor confidence remains high, buoyed by favourable market conditions. Pricing reflects this sentiment, with median house prices experiencing steady growth.

However, these increases vary across neighbourhoods and property types. While some areas have witnessed rapid appreciation – including Chelsea, where REIV data recorded a 22.1 per cent increase from the last quarter of 2023 to the first quarter of 2024 – others have seen more moderate growth.

Investors are shifting their focus towards quality over quantity, prioritising well-located homes with attractive amenities in order to capitalise on sustainable income and long-term growth potential. Additionally, the ever-evolving regulatory environment, including new land taxes and changes to tenancy laws and rental standards, has led to increased administrative burdens that underscore the need for a knowledgeable partner to navigate the Kingston property landscape.