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Success every step of the way, with your local property experts

As the weather turns cooler, we’re continuing to achieve exceptional results for our clients.

This year alone, the Jellis Craig network have already sold over 2,500 properties and the next few months are shaping up to be just as strong.

Experience success every step of the way with Jellis Craig.

Take that first step and request a property appraisal from your local property experts today.

1 Jc Offices
30 offices across the Jellis Craig network including 5 lifestyle locations
2 Jc Staff Members
Over 900 staff members and over 400 sales consultants
3 Jc Multilingual
70 bilingual or multilingual sales staff
4 Jc Sold
Sell approximately 7,000 homes per year
5 Jc Open Houses
Host more than 600 opens and meet over 6,000 potential buyers each week
6 Jc Auctions
Sell more $2million plus property than any other real estate group in Melbourne
7 Jc Database Of Buyers
A fully integrated database of over 1,200,000 qualified buyers
8 Jc Award Winning Website
Award winning website generating 3.6million visits per year
9 Jc Inter Web Visits
Approx 100,000 overseas visitors to per year

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