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Market insights

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Market trends

Melbourne’s most comprehensive residential property market report analyses, demographic research and socio-economic data  to inform you of the trends shaping the future.

Reports from the market experts

Thinking of buying, selling or renting?  Watch the Jellis Craig Directors’ insights into the current state of the real estate market in your area.

Steven Abbott

Director - Managing Partner, Auctioneer

Andrew Macmillan

Director & Auctioneer

Elliot Gill

Partner & Auctioneer

Craig Shearn

Director and Auctioneer

Dallas Taylor

Director & Auctioneer

Daniel Bullen

Director, Auctioneer

Paul Polychroniadis

Director & OIEC

Property data

Industry data and statistics are useful indicators for gauging market movements and returns. Select your suburb and download an insight into the sales results and median prices for the area.

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