The best seasonal blooms for your home's spring decor | Jellis Craig

October 03, 2016

The best seasonal blooms for your home's spring decor


Spring has arrived and the flowers are blooming, decorating Melbourne's tree-lined streets and filling the breeze with their gentle fragrance. They bring with them the anticipation of summer and the upcoming festive season.

It is the perfect time to transport some of the outdoors in by using fresh flowers to add new life to your home.

Hawthorn florist, Rebecca Stacey of Canary Jane’s Flowers agrees.

“All the delicious things are about to burst,” says Rebecca. “Peonies, waratahs, snow peas.”

Before you even choose which of these flowers will best decorate your home, Rebecca’s number one tip to make the most of any spring bloom is simply keep their water clean!

“The best thing you can do is change the water every two to three days and give the ends of each stem a snip,” explains Rebecca. “The cleaner the better. And don't put any sugar in the water! That’s a myth.”

A qualified florist and founder of Canary Jane's Flowers, Rebecca has more than 11 years experience in the flower industry. Her decision to launch her dream business was more unusual than most. Confronted with the trauma of a severe car accident in 2009, Rebecca quickly realised how short life is and took hold of her own future.

Today, the local florist is a much loved part of the bustling Boroondara community.

“There are really supportive locals,” explains Rebecca.” “Everyone is really loyal."

Located near Hawthorn station, the small florist transports each customer back in to the 1950s with its Calamity Jane inspired, kitsch décor.

Flowers 2

“I love my shop and everyone’s reaction is gorgeous,” says Rebecca. “It’s definitely my happy place."

Canary Jane’s Florist was founded on the philosophy of supporting the local community and sustainability. Rebecca sources all her fresh blooms from local growers. Very few flowers are shipped from interstate and none from overseas.

Spoilt for choice over the spring season, Rebecca’s favourite locally sourced blooms to brighten up your home this year are freesias, peonies, ranunculus, sweet peas and the native waratah. Each plant will add a unique texture and feel to any space in your home, she says.

To insert a burst of colour and fragrance, freesias are the best option. Their perfume, bright colours and beautiful, stream-line stems are an easy way to liven up any part of the house.

“They are great for your home because they look beautiful, and they bring in the spring with their smell and all the different colours,” says Rebecca. “If I was going to buy flowers for myself, that’s what I would probably get first."

Ranunculus come in a close second with several bold varieties to brighten up any room. Another spring favourite is the peony, famous for its luscious and delicate flowers.

"A peony will bring a hint of luxury to your home and is only available for one to two months each year. It’s like when you get a mango in summer,” says Rebecca.

For those looking for less conventional spring blooms, Australian natives add a touch of drama to any décor.

The waratah - a bold statement with its bright red colouring - is a hardy choice. Rebecca recommends filling a vase with four or five stems.

The delicate sweet pea with its beautiful tendrils is another less conventional addition to your home.

“They have a very organic look to them. Really natural and really pretty,” says Rebecca.