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October 17, 2016

Spring Interior Spotlight

Interior Spotlight 2

In what has been a particularly exciting year in interior design, with brave new combinations of colours and materials, stylist Jen Lawrie from Votre Monde Design sums up some of the season’s key trends:

Photo shoot

Whether a landscape, horse, cactus, or even abstract holiday pics, photographic artwork has made its way back onto our walls in a big way. Think natural, organic and personal for the most striking result.

Colour crush

We’ve witnessed some intense colour trends this year, with some exciting new palettes also emerging for 2017.

  • In winter we saw a resurgence of deep blues and greens paired with textured greys and strong tan/caramel tones.
  • Heading into the warmer months, there’s a strong trend towards pastels - soft pinks, baby blues, light peach, terracotta and pale grey. Stylists are playing with various combinations of these colours to achieve a contemporary look with personality.
  • Monochromatic colour schemes offer a sense of both drama and simplicity, ensuring their popularity remains well into the new year.

Material world

  • Stone, timber and marble have again been the star players for 2016, with their earthy, organic elements offering wide appeal in a range of homes.
  • Metallic accents were hugely popular throughout the year, with brass finishes still highly sought and rose gold slowing fading.
  • For a sense of luxury and indulgence, velvet simply can’t be overlooked. Used abundantly during winter as throws and cushions to add texture and depth to beds, couches and arm chairs, it can be enjoyed for seasons to come.
  • We’ve also seen and loved the use of beautiful sheer curtains to add softness to just about every room in the home. They filter the light superbly, and can also be a relatively inexpensive DIY job.

The style file

  • A lack of symmetry in scatter cushion styling helps to create a more relaxed and carefree look in bedrooms and lounge rooms.
  • The emerging trend of leaning rather than hanging prints and mirrors (including geometric shaped mirrors) against walls or on floating shelves is also being widely used to give rooms a more casual appeal.
  • Beautiful bedheads featured widely in 2016, favoured for adding a sense of luxury and texture, and also setting the tone for the room. With an endless amount of fabric choices available, the bedhead can be used to create deep dramatic looks in darker tones and a calm, serene feel in lighter fabrics.
  • Feather filled cushions continue to be a great quality option for styling your home. They retain their shape, are longer lasting and more versatile than polyester fills. Add a karate chop to the top of the cushion to finish the look.

Pleasing proportions

  • A well proportioned room is immediately pleasing to the eye, so stylists and designers are increasingly focused on getting the scale just right.
  • As a general rule we say don’t go too small. Ensure your scatter cushions are plump and plush, be brave with your artwork size, make sure your rugs are large, increase the size of your mirrors and finally make sure your lamps fit well within the rooms dimensions.

Jen Lawrie is an interior designer and director at Votre Monde. www.votremonde.com.au

Interior Spotlight

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