Making an entrance | Jellis Craig

September 27, 2016

Making an entrance


First impressions last, and the entry of your home is no exception.

Making your entry as beautiful and welcoming as the other spaces in your home doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact a few simple strategies can take your entry from ho-hum to wow.

Light up

Alexander Pollock Interiors says introducing light is vital to giving any entry a lift.

“Brighten your entry as much as possible. Pendant lights are perfect for small entries, as is a lamp on a hall table. A chandelier looks amazing in a larger hall, while if your home has a really dark entry you could consider installing a skylight.”

Create space with mirrors

“Large or small, mirrors can add both space and light to an entry,” says Aaron. “Using wall lights around, or on either side of a mirror will enhance its impact and give the constrained space of an entry a lift.”

Prioritise proportion and style

“When choosing lighting, mirrors and other features such as a hall table or console, make sure you select items that reflect the proportions of your space. Furniture and lighting that is too big can make an entry hall feel crowded and stuffy.”

As a first hint of the decorative story that’s about to unfold, Aaron says it’s important that an entry introduces the overall style and décor of your home.

“For example a period home with a contemporary interior looks great with something really modern and edgy in the entry.”

Steer clear of clutter

“Whatever your decorative style, don't over-fill your entry with clutter. A carefully chosen hall table and rug may be all you need to create a welcoming and practical entry. Avoid the temptation to fill spaces with hat and umbrella stands and the like.”

Add flowers for softness and colour

Vases of fresh flowers help soften an entry and can add a pop of colour particularly to a neutrally toned space, says Aaron.

“Entry furniture features a lot of hard surfaces – fresh flowers are a lovely counterpoint and because you need to change them regularly, they will instantly freshen the feel of your home’s entry.”

“Using seasonal blooms is a good way to bring the outdoors in. Particularly in Boroondara, where so many homes also feature a gorgeous garden, flowers inside the front door extend that experience of natural beauty.”

Make a statement with art

Aaron says a single, statement piece of art tends to be the most effective choice for an entry space.

“Definitely no personal photos – save these for living rooms or even hallways located further into the home.”

Be practical

“A well chosen hall console is a worthwhile investment as it also has a practical function – it’s the perfect place to throw your keys or to leave that bottle of wine you can’t forget on your way out to dinner.”

“Also consider your home’s occupants. Fragile ornaments and sharp corners are never a good idea if you have a young family or a lot of children visiting.”