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November 24, 2021

Boroondara Villages activities

Across our Boroondara suburbs you'll find an amazing selection of 53 shopping centres and strips, with everything from the biggest brand names to the quirkiest speciality shops.

Throughout the course of the year our Boroondara Villages hold festivals and events such as Harmony Day, International Women’s Day and the Glenferrie Festival, just to name a few.

Boroondara is renowned for being the family friendly municipality with its scenic parks and hidden gems which surrounds Melbourne’s well-connected suburbs. Some of these parks are Beckett Park in the suburb of Balwyn, which is renowned for its stone observation tower, maze and extensive playground for children. Canterbury Gardens, located in the heart of Canterbury, is a perfect site for celebrations and gatherings with its luscious gardens filled with a variety of flowers. The path within Canterbury Gardens leads directly to Mailing Road shopping village, with all its retail and culinary delights.

Some well-known venues and events are, the Hawthorn Art Museum, which showcases several exhibitions and differing pieces of artwork throughout seasons and Boroondara’s Summer in the Park Festival with live music, cinema and comedy held in our many parks and gardens.

Every year, Boroondara residents and visitors enjoy a warm and welcoming festive season with feasting, music and decorations throughout the city.

Another widely renowned community village event is the weekly Sunday Camberwell Market. This highly anticipated market is one of the largest of its kind and sells an array of antique and second-hand goods.

Celebrating Christmas in Boroondara is a special time of year that locals can enjoy. One event is the Ashburton Christmas Edition which will be held on Saturday 4 December at 10:00am in the Ashburton community centre.

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